missing heart

and the universe said i love you because you are love

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nobody even knows that im trying to hurt myself more by carrying my heavy ass bag on my shoulder which hurts a ton already

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Out of the millions and millions of people that inhabit this planet, he is one of the tiny few I can never have.
Tabitha Suzuma (via asianwolfies)

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Unrequited love may be the worst pain one can feel. It’s like thinking there’s a safety net below but instead you jump off a cliff to sheer pain and, frankly, embarrasement.
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Summertime sadness,
The ocean waves washed up my emotions, the sun dried up your devotion, and the moon accompanied me during late nights.
Too many late nights full of contemplation and speculations…
Time heals all undesired emotions, so one day the next shore break can wash away all of our memories.
Then they’ll be…
Lost in the waves and in the salt grains. All of these late nights are becoming a repetitive cycle.
The sounds of the shores sang of an unrequited love story once again…
But I wasn’t listening, I was just swimming before I drowned in the ocean of you..
D.L (via radb0y)